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***Written by Jess Bunge

We’re back with another 2019 trend report post, but before you get turned off by the word “trend,” let’s talk real quick. We wanted to start this post with a little disclaimer as many of you (and understandably so) were put off by the “T” word in Monday’s kitchen post. We get it…kitchens and bathrooms aren’t spaces you just rip apart every year on a whim because of what’s “in” or “out.” These are pretty permanent materials, fixtures, and design decisions, backed by A TON OF YOUR MONEY.

So, before we continue, we just want to be clear that we by no means want anyone to ever feel like their home, whether it’s newly remodeled or not, is no longer beautiful or stylish because of new “trends” we present. This is more about presenting cool new ideas we have our eye on, that we’re seeing pop up in the design zeitgeist, because, well, it’s inspiring and fun and IF you are remodeling, we want to be a great resource for new ideas.

With that said, let’s get back to the topic at hand…bathrooms. You may have noticed that 2018 was basically The Year of the Bathroom for EHD because we designed nine…yes, NINE across the Portland Project and Mountain House. You should see our INSANE pinboards. Needless to say, we reported on a lot of bathroom trends over the past year (you can see those all in the Trends & Inspiration section of the Rooms page). But it’s a new year, and there are new things to talk about, so we are here today to report on what could be in your next bathroom remodel or refresh. Let’s dive in.

1. Rounded Rectangle Vanity Mirrors

Emily Henderson bathroom trends 2019image source | design by amber interiors

We’re declaring it: the rounded rectangle is king in 2019. It feels like the next move from the large circle mirror that reigned supreme the last few years (which we still love very much). It’s simple and softly linear which is that happy place between the stiff and angular rectangle and full-on circle.

Emily Henderson bathroom trends 2019image source | design by Sarah Sherman Samuel

Another talking point here is their individual use. Where the circle tended to be overscale, the rounded rectangle works so well in a more compact size (though we also like it on a much larger scale, too). And for anyone who’s like “wait, what about the medicine cabinet?” we want to know from you…are we done with medicine cabinets? How are people actually storing things? Please chime in in the comments!

2. Floating Vanities

Emily Henderson bathroom trends 2019image source | design by Nicole Hollis

Floating vanities are hip you guys. It took some time for there to be some really beautiful options which is why we don’t think it’s really hit until now. In the past, they were considered too modern and lacked visual depth. However, in a beautiful material (like these wood ones), they are seamless and airy which is a nice feeling in a bathroom, no?

Emily Henderson bathroom trends 2019image source | design by Sarah Sherman Samuel

Now, we’ve already learned this in the kitchen trends post but seamless design is the real king of 2019. These vanities are definitely in line with that idea. Plus, they are SOO much easier to clean under which is not to be discounted. Please and thank you. There are a few floating vanities in the mountain house and we all love them (and hopefully you will, too, when you see those reveals in the coming weeks).

3. Console Sink Vanities

Emily Henderson bathroom trends 2019image source | design by decus interiors

Now, these vanities are not super practical for a main bathroom but they are oh so beautiful. This trendy vanity is how you can add some beautiful (even slightly ornate) detail into your bathroom with the leg design and still have it feel open and light. This is definitely a powder room vanity though (unless you have zero products). If so, PLEASE teach us your ways.

Emily Henderson bathroom trends 2019image sourcedesign by Sarah Sherman Samuel

This no-storage look is a modern take on a very traditional style which makes us feel very confident of its timeless potential. But what we really love and are seeing now is that there are more modern designs coming on the market and in a variety of materials. So no matter your style, you can incorporate one of these beauties into your bathroom design.

4. Wall-Mounted Toilets

Emily Henderson bathroom trends 2019image source | design by studio Ezra

The floating toilet has a similar story to the floating vanity. Until recently they were only put in super modern homes. But times are a-changin’ and we predict them to be the toilet of 2019. Oh the phrases you never imagine you’ll say. Potty mouth has taken on a whole new meaning. ?

Emily Henderson bathroom trends 2019image source

Maybe it’s due to the surge of technology in our daily lives that we are becoming more attracted to extremely modern design or maybe modern design is just getting better. It’s a “chicken or the egg” conundrum. Regardless, we have been seeing the floating toilet become much more popular recently. And like we mentioned with the floating vanity, there are far less nooks and crannies to collect dust and, ahem, other bathroom grossness. A quick Swiffer under the bowl and you are done. No more face-too-close-to-the-bowl-while-on-hands-and-knees-wiping-down-all-the-crevices.

Emily Henderson bathroom trends 2019image source | design by aiya design

5. Side Mounted Faucets

image sourcedesign by decus interiors

CONTROVERSY. The side mounted faucet is here and we are kinda into it. Not only is it a crazy awesome space saver in small spaces with narrow sinks but it just looks kinda cool. We don’t know if this is a trend that is bound for greatness and will stand the test of time but we always love a new take on standard ways of doing things. Guys, LET’S GET WEIRD.

Emily Henderson bathroom trends 2019image source

But weird isn’t always what you want when talking about permanent fixtures placement. So we are super curious if you are into this more controversial look. Would you do it or are you in the mind of “if the faucet mount placement ain’t broke, don’t fix it?”

6. No Shower Dam

Emily Henderson bathroom trends 2019image source | design by Tamar Barnoon

All hail seamless, dam-less showers. It’s so clean, open and very pretty. Please don’t fret over your dam if you have one (Emily does in her master bath and loves it). We still think it’s the way to go if you have a bathroom style that leans traditional (like the master bath in Portland). But if you are planning for a bathroom that’s more on the modern side, DEFINITELY consider this look. Emily did this in a few of the mountain house bathrooms and she/we couldn’t be happier with the decision.

Emily Henderson bathroom trends 2019image source

There is something that is so effortlessly chic about this look. However, the main thing to consider is the construction. The shower floor needs to slope down toward a linear drain. Those drains are really the only way to go because it will keep the water away from getting into the main area of your bathroom. Unless you have a wider shower in which you could use a center drain. Just remember less mess = less stress.

7. Floor-to-Ceiling Shower Glass Enclosure

Emily Henderson bathroom trends 2019image source | design by Lisa Lev design

This 2019 trend is something that Emily and the team REALLY love and feel strongly about. If you are remodeling anyway and like the idea and look of seamless drama, we absolutely recommend going floor-to-ceiling with your glass enclosure. This is one thing that Emily wishes she would have done in the Portland master bath. It looks beautiful and custom (because often times, it is). Basically a slam dunk.

Emily Henderson bathroom trends 2019image source

This floor-to-ceiling look also goes for the single glass panel wall. The bathroom above still would have been beautiful if they had done a shorter, rectangle shape but it would have visually cut off the room and made the room feel shorter. But with this design, the room looks SUPER tall, visually seamless and super custom.

8. Long Skinny Tiles

Emily Henderson bathroom trends 2019image source | design by

The long skinny tile is another one of those trends that popped up at the end of last year but is moving full speed ahead into 2019. EHD is a BIG fan of this material. Does double stacked staggered ring a bell? The long skinny tile is like the cool little sister to the classic subway tile. Both awesome but one is currently a little fresher than the other. Ultimately, it just looks very cool.

Emily Henderson bathroom trends 2019image source | design by Doherty design studio

What was very 2018 in tiling was tile stacking in all sizes and widths. In 2019, we think we will be seeing a lot of A. primarily skinny tiles and B. varied configurations (not just stacked). It’s going to be a wild tiled ride, folks.

9. Polished Nickel

Emily Henderson bathroom trends 2019photo by Sara tramp for EHD | from: reveal alert: how I transformed a dark & dull downstairs bathroom in the Portland project

Yep. As the people who love unlacquered brass more than most, we are saying that polished nickel is the metal of 2019. What we love about it is it’s a warmer tone, making it a little less harsh than it’s sister chrome. We think that it’s the more high-end looking metal of the silver family which is why people are into it. It’s one of the reasons we used it in the Portland Project.

Emily Henderson bathroom trends 2019image source | design by Elizabeth Roberts

Just so were are clear, we aren’t saying brass is out. Can you even imagine?! But with the dark honed marble trend on the rise, silver-toned (especially polished nickel) fixtures visually blend a little nicer as the color is quieter. Brass would be a much bolder and color contrasting choice in that combo. So we welcome this trend and see it sticking around because it’s time some room was made in the fixture world for something else. Are you happy about this shift?

10. Using Marble as Art

Emily Henderson bathroom trends 2019image source | design by ccs architecture

My marble, oh my marble. In 2019, a good piece of marble or stone is really all the decor you need in your bathroom…right? Remember the nerve-wracking decision of the green stone in the kid’s bath in the mountain house? Well, we could not be happier and Brian’s first thought when he saw it installed was that it looked like an abstract piece of art. Mother Nature is quite the artist. ? Of course, this amount of stone is $$$, so it’s not exactly practical or for everyone, but it’s nice to look at aspiration spaces sometimes as design nerds and connoisseurs. A simple painted wall is perfectly fine, but if we’re dreaming…surfaces like in the photo above are so elegant, dramatic and make the rest of the design pretty straight forward.

Emily Henderson bathroom trends 2019image source | design by Nate Berkus and Jeremiah Brent

More specifically in the marble/stone art world, we have been noticing a pretty big comeback with book matched marble like in this bathroom from Nate Berkus and Jeremiah Brent. Notice how the two pieces of marble mirror each other? That’s called book matched marble. For a long time, this style felt dated with simple pieces of stone but now that designers are using really interesting “art-like” marble, it’s coming back with a vengeance. Like a true ’90s makeover movie. #ShesAllMarble.

Okay, that’s a wrap on our 2019 bathroom trend predictions. When we spot more, we will be sure to report back and see how you feel about them. It’s one of our favorite things to do because the design is always changing and evolving and why not celebrate that. Now, just for fun, how do you still feel about some of the 2018 trends like the micro knob and micro sconce, the wall mount + undermount combo, and mixed material lighting? Also, which is your favorite 2019 trend? Let us know in the comments!