Artful & Knowledgeable

Whenever possible, we choose local, respected, many times family-owned businesses for our home improvements, upgrades, renovations, investment properties. Over the years, Borguezan Granite company has proven its merit… just what we have needed -from builders grade to luxury. What an impressive access to gorgeous and practical stone collections, materials and relationships with excellent suppliers to boot, making the process pleasant! — Marcio guided us honestly and thoroughly, our latest project being quite detailed. He is, without a doubt, one of the Region’s finest craftsmen-thinking outside the box and within budget. His partner & wife, Kristen, is lovely, always available or quick to get back, she advised on finishes, edging, conveying confidence in our project’s flow and ready with honest feedback on trends versus timeless pieces.
They are a savvy duo. We wish them years of success! Our recommendation and our THANKS.


I have done business with Marcio personally and With my company. The service has always been absolutely excellent. The product has been perfect. The craftsmanship is excellent. And Marcio’s attitude has always been wonderful.

Gorgeous Job

Gorgeous Job

A huge thank you to Kristen and Marcio for taking care of me and making this dream project come true. They went the extra mile for personal service and I felt like I had known them for years after dealing with them. They are so personal and friendly. Thank you both.