image source | design by Megan Pflung designs

The EHD 2019 trend reporting has officially commenced. It feels like Christmas and New Years all over again. ? Throughout January, we’re going to be diving into our thoughts of what’s on the horizon for all things interior design, and the first area we’re focusing on is kitchens. Now, we know the word “trend” (when it refers to a place like your kitchen) can be off-putting and kinda scary. I mean, a kitchen is full of very big/PERMANENT materials that cost $$$ and the last thing you want is for your kitchen to feel SOOO 2019 in two years, but the good news is that our 2019 predictions have some serious “forever” classic vibes going on (because who actually wants to/can afford to remodel every few years??). Let’s get into what this new year is cooking up.

1. Darker Stone Countertops with Dark Cabinets

Kitchen trends 2019image source | design by quatrefoil

Dark countertops hit the kitchen scene hard in the early 2000s. We are talking about that shiny black speckled granite that was paired most likely with white or cherry wood cabinetry. 2019 has a different idea for its dark countertops and cabinetry. First off, it’s all about a honed or leathered finish for the stone (basically matte). The look is so beautiful and feels much more modern but still classic. We used both those stone finishes in Emily’s kitchen, the Portland Project kitchen and throughout the mountain house. Can you tell we’re on board?

Kitchen trends 2019image source | design by Alyssa Kapito 

The real 2019 trend, however, is that matte dark stone paired with dark toned cabinets. It’s a very beautiful and seamless look. Plus, we LOVE a good moody color and if your Instagram likes are any indication, so do you. In terms of beautiful dark color paint options, they are endless (here are some of our favorites) so don’t be afraid to go a little moody if you want some drama in your kitchen. Visual drama, when done right, is always a showstopper.

2. Walls of Storage

Kitchen trends 2019image source | design by architects eat

Much like the Cliffs of Moher or the Great Wall of China, this trend is sure to bring epic/massive beauty…to your kitchen. Dramatic comparison? Yes. But let’s be honest, beautiful yet functional storage will never go out of style so if this is something you are considering going for, do it. This trend is nothing if not kitchen design heaven and hides all the visual chaos of small appliances, dishes, food containers etc.

Kitchen trends 2019image source | design by Mowlem and co

While this trend did pop its head out in 2018, 2019 is its year. If you’ve been following along with the mountain house kitchen, you know we have a STUNNING wall of floor-to-ceiling cabinetry storage (that we cannot wait to reveal). Besides a plethora of internal surface area (great if you don’t have a dedicated pantry or small appliance garages), they really streamline the look of a kitchen, almost like camouflage. While something like open shelving says LOOK AT ME, this new favorite design element visually blends together with existing cabinetry. It’s somehow grand and quiet all at the same time.

3. Statement Appliances

Kitchen trends 2019image source | design by jenny wolf interiors

Last year was the great resurgence of the integrated appliance and we were definitely on board…and still are. But let’s be honest, when an appliance is as unique as some of the ones we have been seeing on the market (like the ovens in the Portland kitchen and Orlando’s parent’s kitchen) you can’t fathom the idea of hiding them. You HAVE to show them off. Maybe we should start a new hashtag? #ShowEmYourStove? Ha. Anyway, now that the trend gods have spoken we will be seeing this beautiful investment on display in a ton of homes this year.

Kitchen trends 2019image source

These beautiful appliances don’t come with a cheap price tag, but they are incredibly special. They basically look like a piece of art…but functional. ? If only everything that was functional was this good looking.

Kitchen trends 2019image source |  design by hám interiors

Because this is a trend that, like we said, costs a pretty penny, we’re betting this one sticks around for a LONG time. Besides, a truly beautiful piece never really goes out of style.

4. Linear Lighting

Kitchen trends 2019image source | design by jen langston

Keeping with the seamless kitchen theme of 2019, lighting is following suit. Pendants have been king for quite some time and while they aren’t out, linear lighting is definitely in. You may think a linear light means a SUPER modern fixture but it doesn’t have to. This stunning light by Urban Electric Co. gives that linear look but with a vintage design. We REALLY love this vibe.

Kitchen trends 2019image source | design by jessica helgerson interior design

Using a linear fixture visually gives you a super clean design. The light in the picture above is simple but has a little quirk with the different sized bulbs and asymmetrical design. It feels a bit more fresh. A bonus with this trend is you only need one junction box. That means fewer holes in the ceiling which we are very into.

5. Inset Handles and Cutouts

Kitchen trends 2019image source

While we love a good piece of hardware, the kitchen trend on the rise is no hardware at all. Inset or cut out “handles” feel like they’re popping up more and more since we first reported on it this past summer, and we’re not mad at it. It’s again a very simple and seamless look that is pretty great. Loose knobs and handles are a real bummer, so with this trend your wobbly knobs are a thing of the past.

Kitchen trends 2019image source

The only potential issue is that this type of cabinetry is typically more custom so will probably cost a bit more. Would you do it? It’s pretty tempting.

6. Mirrors in Kitchens

image source | design by megan pflung designs

Yes, mirrors. This is kind of a sneaky one but has recently come up on our radar (hence it being a 2019 trend). It does potentially require more cleaning (water and oil splatters) but boy does it look good. Mirrors always make a space feel bigger and brighter so why can’t that include the kitchen?? The arched mirror in the picture above has us SOLD.

Kitchen trends 2019image source

What is also so great about this trendy kitchen decor piece is that it works with really any kind of style. The kitchen above has a quaint vintage feel and looks awesome with its oversized aged wood framed mirror. The kitchen below is more modern and refined and is perfectly accented with its thin, black framed mirror.

Kitchen trends 2019image source | design by alyssa rosenheck

7. All Stone: Counter, Backsplash and Shelf

Kitchen trends 2019image source | design by marie flanigan interiors

Maybe the 2019 kitchen trend is really just seamlessness. Case in point is the trend toward one-material countertop, backsplash and shelf. It’s SO chic, don’t you think. This was the first year we really dove into stone because of the mountain house and all the stone we needed to zhush it out with. We are aware more than ever of the power of stone. It’s simply a game changer in any room.

Kitchen trends 2019image source | design by athena calderone

While the single open shelf is not a new idea, it got a massive upgrade with this one stone trend. This kitchen by Athena Calderone is true heaven and is a perfect example of why this trend will hopefully make the transition into being a perennial classic.

8. Freestanding Islands

Kitchen trends 2019image source | design by jessica helgerson interior design

Oh sorry, we didn’t see you there. We were just drooling over these freestanding, footed islands. This trend is an instant classic. No need to see if it lasts because our eyes will never tire. Whether it’s a custom build or a beautiful antique piece, a footed island makes a kitchen feel more airy and open, while adding an Old World furniture feel.

Kitchen trends 2019image source | design by amber interiors

There are, of course, things to consider like plumbing if you want a sink or adding to the vacuuming square footage but otherwise, it’s a no-brainer in our opinion. Keep it simple with the lines, nothing too ornate and you will have yourself a stunning kitchen centerpiece.

9. Mixing Metals

Kitchen trends 2019photo by sara tramp for ehd | from: all the what’s, why’s & how much’s of the portland kitchen (+ big reveal)

We love breaking rules, and mixing metals is one of those big classic design no-no’s. But 2019 is finally the year of saying yes-yes to all the metal combos. It’s time to get funky, people.Kitchen trends 2019image source | design by studio mcgee

We do have some “guidelines” to help achieve this look in the best possible way. You can mix metals if you do it intentionally and evenly throughout the space. So don’t mix a polished nickel faucet with a brass pot filler; the faucet family should match (same in a bathroom). But then change it up with the knobs and handles. It’s fun and easy. Thanks 2019.

10. Statement Hoods

Kitchen trends 2019image source | design by we are huntly

While the main focus of beautiful appliances has always been on stoves and refrigerators, it’s time for hoods to get their shot. Most of the time, designers are trying to do everything they can to hide them. But no more. In 2019, we expect to see a lot more beautifully designed statement hoods. It’s a pretty untapped design opportunity that we are very excited to see emerge.

Kitchen trends 2019image source

This yellow hood is clearly VERY specific to this home but man is it awesome. Talk about a statement. The color is in your face, the curved shape is delicate and the plaster finish gives it texture and age. It really makes this kitchen. Could you ever do this in your home??

Kitchen trends 2019image source

Now while some of us may love the idea of a curvy bright yellow hood, most might want a more approachable option. Enter the tiled hood. We love how it draws your eye up, says “hey, I’m here!” and yet is seamless with backsplash. Psst… one of our team members may have already jumped on this trend and will be revealing it very soon.

There you have it. Our first 2019 Kitchen Trend Forecast. What trends do you love? Do you agree that they have staying power? Are any of you planning to add one (or more) of these puppies into your kitchen this year? Let us know in the comments and stay tuned for more forecasts this week.